My Journey to ONEness

A Spritual Awakening

Connecting to God – Automatic Writing

There are so many ways to connect to God.  There is no right or wrong way; writing, meditation, prayer, signs, and messages to name a few.  I’m going to describe one way that tends to work well for beginners that enjoy writing.  it’s call Automatic Writing.  You ask God a question and he answers through writing.  I’ve done this countless times with great success.  It also creates a written record of your questions and answers to look back at for accuracy.  Here is my basic format:

  1. Get your head clear and body relaxed through meditation, silence, or prayer.
  2. Ask God and or your guides and angels to be with you during this session.
  3. Once you feel relaxed with a clear head open a journal to a blank page.
  4. Write your first question (sometimes I write with my eyes closed to keep my connection strong).
  5. Once the question is written the answer will come through your head, through your hand and onto the paper.  Many times I find that the answer bypasses my conscious mind and the words on the paper surprise me.  They are written in a voice that is not quite mine.  I take this as a good sign, God has to use our vocabulary to communicate through, but his order and word choice is uniquely his.

It really is that simple.

I just used this process to clarify some 2020 intentions and goals for myself.  I am working on changing my limited thinking so I expanded my 2020 goals. Here are a few of my 2020 spiritual goals:

  1. Start a Spiritual Growth Circle ( the women in this circle have been identified and have met once, it’s like we were destined to come together at this time.)
  2. Increase psychic abilities by practicing on more people.
  3. Meditate daily.
  4. Master manifesting money.
  5. Write in this blog more.

Automatic Writing or Spirit Writing Definition from Wikipedia – psychography is a claimed psychi ability allowing a person to produce written words without consciously writing.  the words purportedly arise from a subconscious, spiritual or supernatural source.

Happy Writing!  Let me know if it works for you in the comments below 🙂




Help People Help People

When the meek truly inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5) I have this business plan written out where I set up a way to truly help others to help others.  It is a reverse MLM (Multi Level Marketing or Multi Level Mercy) where I start out with paying people’s debts off.  The debts may start off small but they learn through helping others they will be debt free.  The MLM has endless funds, it is funded by God.  It’s purpose is to help the most people possible (basic needs) while growing in spiritual truths.  This will be real Christ in action on the earth through the hands of humans.  The ultimate goal would be members supporting each other while getting out mercy to ALL human souls.  It has mentoring and gaining Spiritual truths built in to the model.  A member can leave at anytime or they can choose to continue their spiritual growth and continue helping others for the remainder of their lives.  Money and scarcity are a lie, the true currency is LOVE.  We must teach this to all.

This would be part of a debt jubilee.  A freedom jubilee. No judgement on past actions, ALL are given their freedom.  They just have to say “yes”.

This scene from Les Miserable has always inspired me.  It is where the Bishop gives Jean Valjean the silver that he tried to steal as a gift to change his life.

Bishop:  And don’t forget, don’t ever forget, you’ve promised to become a new man.

Jean Valjean: Promised? But why are you doing this?

Bishop:  Jean Valjean my brother, you no longer belong to evil.  With this silver I bought your soul.  I ransomed you from fear and hatred, and now I give you back to God.

It takes just one human to have full belief in us to inspire a complete life turn-around.

Help people help people, be the one who believes in others.  Help them break the bonds of evil and fear.  Give them back to God.


Where Did You Limit Christ Because He Never Limited You

These are words spoken by an spiritual internet personality I follow named Alexander.  He channels Christ at times and the words  hit my soul like no others.  To me this phrase is about manifesting.  We really are guilty, at least I am, of limiting what we can accomplish.  There are so many negative phrases we tell ourselves that stunt our progress and stunt our reach.  Here are a few of mine:  “I’m not thin enough”, “nobody would want to hear me present”, “I don’t have money to travel to (a specific sacred site in ) France”, and “I’ll struggle financially forever”.  None if these statements are true.  They are all lies.

Here is the kicker.  I actually know that money is not real and that we live in a debt slave society controlled by a ruling elite class of not true human beings.  Yet I still have the above limiting beliefs.  When I study great masters like Christ, I see that they did NOT have any limiting beliefs.  Christ manifested clothes, shelter, and food to complete his ministry.  He had the sacred knowledge and he shared it freely.  If we used the powers taught by Christ we would be unstoppable.  Humans connected to God ARE the miracle workers of this world.

*Maybe my next post should be about that connection to God 🙂

Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

  1.  You keep seeing repeating numbers like 11:11, 12:12, 1111, 222, 8888 etc..  this means you are on the right path.
  2. You get messages on billboards, license plates, or songs on the radio.
  3. You question your purpose here on earth.
  4. You wonder how these signs above can be random, you begin to realize they are not random it is a message for you from higher beings.
  5. You can take a step back and understand the lessons behind many of the events in your life.
  6. You begin to see that we are all connected.
  7. You want Ubuntu for everyone.
  8. If you are Christian you may start hearing the hidden messages in the parables that Jesus taught in the Bible. (you do not need to be affiliated with any religion to awaken).
  9. An extreme thirst for the truth and more information. ( I read the whole metaphysical section of my library at the beginning of my awakening).
  10. You wonder why people you have never met before seem familiar.
  11. You may have trouble being in crowded places. (you are becoming more sensitive).
  12. You may seek more time alone.
  13. You notice your desire to be in nature more.  (Nature balances your energy).
  14. When you speak your needs they actually manifest.
  15. You are bored with the every day talk of asleep people, you crave deep conversations on these new spiritual topics you are studying.
  16. The news shows become unbearable.

I’m Back on 11/11

It has been four years since my last blog post.  I was just asking myself “why so long?  What have I been doing?”  The answer that came was simple but maybe some of you can relate:

I was the first one to have a spiritual awakening in my sphere of influence.  In fact to help validate my new awareness I had to meet others going through the same process that were outside of my circle of friends.   I was lead to the right mentors and peers at the right time.  God in his perfection is just good like that; he has a plan for all, I promise.


In a nutshell I have been synthesizing all that I have learned through my awakening and learning to live in 3D duality with this new knowledge and broader view of my existence.   Not an easy task; but I finally feel solid and ready to help others do the same.  In 2015 I did not feel strong enough to lead.  Now I am.  I understand how to live in 3D duality with an awareness of the what many call the sacred knowledge.  I understand how to use apply this knowledge in this reality.  I will be helping others through this beautiful process of awakening.  Follow this blog.  You were brought here for a reason.  The invisible world conspires to support us.


The Evening of Messages 2

I was leaving the restaurant with my friend and walking through the parking lot.  Our dinner discussion had touched on many spiritual topics such as the Fae Kingdom, magic, ancient civilizations, and the Way of One teachings surviving through the ages.

Two license plates caught our eye immediately reflecting the conversations of the evening:   The 5th Element is another term for “Magic”
 Xenos was used by the Greeks as a “guest/friend”.  They believed that a stranger could be a Goddess or God in disguise ready to bless them with good fortune.  The bottom line is to treat all well.


Again you can’t make these synchronicites up!

The Evening of Messages 1

I have had the pleasure of hosting my beautiful dear friend this past week.  I consider her the greatest spiritual mentor one could ever wish for.  I have been asking for a mentor for the past 10 years.   People came across my path but did not have the understanding and wisdom that I had yearned for.  Two years ago I finally found my perfect mentor.

On Saturday evening we were sitting at a Chines restaurant having our normal deep spiritual conversations.  I asked her how I could make the visions I see in meditation more vivid.   We explored the question with an open connection to the masters and did not get an answer.  Then I opened my fortune cookie below and at the same time I got the answer.  “I see only what is important, the details of the scene are not shown if they are not important.”

Synchoronicities like this cannot be made up!



Anchoring Love

The past 8 weeks has been about anchoring love energies into the planet.  I could feel the energy run through me, I still feel it.  This past week has been particularly intense with the Spring Equinox upon us.  I was so unbalanced on Tuesday and Wednesday that I stayed home from work and grounded for 2 1/2 hours while walking through the woods and talking to a dear enlightened friend who was grounding her feet in the earth as we spoke.  Tuesday and Wednesday brought through thoughts and feelings that were not mine.  I felt great anxiety that was not mine.  I grounded the energy for the collective so that we could raise the vibration of the collective.  I am anchoring Christ Consciousness along with all of you reading these words.  We don’t know we are doing it. For many this happens during sleep.

My beautiful friend, Stardust, played this song on our blog talk radio show.  It’s called “Love” by Lennon & Maisy.  I’m obsessed with it, enjoy!

Love by Lennon & Maisy

Archangel Mikael Messages the Past Month

I have not posted much the past month.  I felt the messages were either specifically for me or they were repetitive.   The messages have been “anchor the light”.  I see light coming in through me and anchoring into the core of Gaia (earth).  I see people doing this all over the globe.  Many do not know they are anchors of the love light.  My dear friend confirmed this for me when she saw me in meditation with her in the crystal in the center of the earth.  We we working there together.

We as a collective meditated a few weeks ago on peace for Syria.  A week later an unprecedented peace agreement was signed.

Valentine’s Day was another huge influx of love light.  We focused on our loved ones and the vibrations of Gaia rose.

We are more powerful than we comprehend.  Send love, be love, treat yourself with love.

The rose in the photo greeted me at Wegman’s on Saturday.  To me it meant that the plant kingdom feels the rainbow of love energy streaming into the planet.  We are all anchors of love light that is why you read this message now.  That is why we incarnated at this time.  Love light/Christ consciousness returns now.  Duality, pain, suffering is done.

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